Leadership Training & Team Development

Leadership Training

At Productive People, we offer comprehensive leadership training programs designed to elevate managerial skills and foster effective leadership.

Effective Communication for Influential Leadership

Focuses on enhancing communication techniques to manage and influence teams positively. Participants will learn how to build respect as managers, address team issues confidently, and deal with difficult people effectively. This course is perfect for those new to leadership roles or leaders seeking to refine their communication skills.

Team Building for Business Leaders

Provides insights into creating high-performing teams, building trust, and managing conflicts. The course covers the fundamentals of team building, handling accountability, and setting collective goals. It also explores Belbin’s team roles to help leaders understand and utilize different team types for optimal performance.

Time Management & Productivity

Helps leaders prioritize tasks, eliminate time-wasters, and achieve goals efficiently. Participants will explore various management strategies, learn to create effective to-do lists, and implement techniques to avoid feeling overwhelmed by their workload. This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their time management skills and productivity.

Leading Meetings & Public Speaking for Managers

Enhances public speaking and meeting management skills to ensure leaders can communicate confidently and effectively. The course covers strategies to reduce anxiety, improve body language, and engage audiences through articulate and expressive communication. This training is suited for new managers, those looking to improve their public speaking, or experienced leaders aiming to refine their meeting management skills.

Team Development Training

Our Team Development Training focuses on enhancing the dynamics and effectiveness of existing teams using the Belbin model of teamwork. The Belbin model identifies nine distinct team roles that individuals naturally adopt, ranging from strategic planning to fostering relationships. Understanding these roles helps teams capitalize on their strengths and manage potential weaknesses, leading to a more cohesive and efficient team dynamic.

Being accredited in Belbin means that our team has undergone rigorous training and evaluation to become certified experts in applying the Belbin model. This accreditation ensures that we can accurately assess team roles, provide insightful feedback, and implement strategies to optimize team performance based on Belbin principles. Our accreditation signifies our commitment to using proven methodologies to enhance teamwork and drive success. Learn more about our accreditation here: www.belbin.com/about/why-use-belbin

Public Courses

At Productive People, we run public courses across the West Coast, making our expert training accessible to a wide audience. We advertise our courses through our monthly newsletter—if you’re not signed up yet, click here to join —and via our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest offerings and events.

Private Training

In addition to our public courses, Productive People offers private training sessions designed exclusively for individual teams or businesses. These sessions provide the same high-quality content as our public courses but in a more personalized and focused setting. By choosing private training, businesses can address specific challenges and goals unique to their team, fostering a more cohesive and productive work environment. Private sessions allow for tailored discussions, immediate application of learned skills, and direct feedback, ensuring that the training is immediately relevant and impactful. Get in touch with us to organize a private training session and experience the benefits of a dedicated learning environment tailored to your team’s needs.