Working at Productive People

At Productive People, we pride ourselves on having a strong, flexible and friendly company culture. Our team works at its best when everyone is happy and knowledgeable in their roles, feeling successful and being well rewarded for their hard work and commitment.

We have worked to ensure we offer perks and benefits to go the extra mile for our employees.

Here’s what you can expect when you join the Productive People team on top of the base wage or salary:

  1. An extra week of annual leave per year (5 weeks per year) after your first year in the team
  2. A paid day off for your birthday
  3. Fuel card/reimbursements as appropriate
  4. Company phone with private call allowance
  5. A weekly coffee/hot chocolate/lunch/morning tea /afternoon tea allowance
  6. Annual commitment celebration or bonus

We have a continuous review and development model for our team. This means we have ditched the old fashioned  sit down and written review ( which we all agreed, we all disliked! And let’s be honest, how effective are they anyway!?!) 

Instead we continuously check in around performance, openly discuss the need for any training and development and we have a commitment to at least one annual pay review a year, with the possibility of bonuses/rewards as appropriate to performance and company success. 

We celebrate each year you have committed to the company with an annual celebration event or bonus.

If our company culture sounds like a good fit for you and you would like to talk to us about an opportunity to work in our team, please send your CV to Tania:

We look forward to hearing from you.